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10/20/2023 Moved Hiking in New Mexico to new host and domain:
12/26/2021 Updated ALL posts:
  Reformatted to include sections.
  .gpx files are now available for all posts.
Fixed problem with the Google Earth Maps of Hiking Locations.
Reorganized Categories into hierarchical order.
12/08/2021 Updated all posts with new headings.
Updated most posts, added .gpx file downloads.
Corrected or removed broken links.
Updated Maps of Hiking Locations:
    >Updated GoogleEarth .kml file for download.
    >Fixed problems with use of CalTopo.
10/08/2021 Updated Maps of Hiking Locations.
10/4/2020 Updated Maps of Locations.
8/30/2020 Updated Maps of Hiking Hiking Locations.
Updated and added to Online Tools.
7/28/2020 Updated Maps of Hiking Locations.
4/14/2020 Added CalTopo map to the Map of Locations page.
4/13/2020 Added description of features and procedures that I have explored to date for CalTopo.
03/25/2020 Add new Page: Musings, where I will share thoughts about various topics that occur to me while out on the trails.
03/25/2020 Added to Nifty/Essential Tools descriptions of overlays for Google Earth: Topographic overlay and Land Ownership overlay.
03/16/2020 Updated Preparations and Equipment, Using Google Earth Track Files, and Nifty/Essential Tools to reflect changes made in these areas over the past few years.
12/11/2019 Fixed bug in Map of Locations. Check out the map, updated include locations through 10/21/2019.
6/28/2019 Added new category – Urban – to identify hikes that we’ve made that are nearby, easily accessible for folks living in the city, and aren’t what we would consider to be strenuous.
06/15/2019 Brought Map of Hikes up to date.
05/11/2019 – Enabled Comments feature on all Pages and Posts.
– Started including GPX files for download
05/10/2019 – Updated “Nifty Tools” now Nifty/Essential Tools – added a section “On-the-Trail Tools”.
– Updated “Using Google Earth Track Files” – added a brief discussion about converting .kml files to .gpx for use on devices that cannot accept the former.
– Added this page “Site Updates”, and placed it as a top-level menu.
– Changed text of top level menu “Directory of Hikes” to “Table & Map of Hikes”.
03/01/2019 – Added page “Map of Locations“, an interactive map with placemarks for trailheads of hikes, and for each placemark links to the BLOG posts.
– Revised menu structure, placing “Directory of Hikes” at the top level, with “Map of Locations” and “Table of Hikes” as directory entries.
03/01/2018 – Updated “Using Google Earth Track Files” with a discussion about the Tour Mode, and depiction of vertical relief.

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  1. Lewis Barlow says:

    Thanks for the info on Mesa Prieta in Sandoval County. I have been curious about it for a long time. Since it is on private land I guess we shouldn’t be surprised there are no trails to the top. It is interesting you say you travelled over BLM land to get there. I wasn’t sure if you meant before or after the gate. I have had interesting conversation with BLM about that area between the power plant and Cabezone Peak. From comparing the maps they provided to me and google, I am convinced there are no updated or great maps of what areas are BLM, private, county or pueblo land. And I think there has been changes to all the above mentioned borders. Interestingly enough I found an old mountain bike post of a guy in 2013 that claimed he rode from Rio Rancho on Encino road past Cabezon peak and even passed 279. Clearly, that cannot be done in 2022 due to pueblo and private land gates. I want to avoid any private or pueblo land but I would like to explore Encino Road hiking or on a mountain bike more from 279, San Ysido and perhaps even some pockets from the south-east. It just seems like such a beautiful area. And the view from the large solar plant over the Zuni Pueblo Encino Road gate is so beautiful!!!! Have you explored any of the areas I am talking about?

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