Bosque Trail Morning Walk – 02/23/2019

It has been our practice of late, Pat and me, to make an early morning walk in our neighborhood.  This morning we extended our range into the Bosque where there are some nice trails along the Rio Grande river.  The day before, late in the afternoon and into the evening, the area was blanketed with light rain followed by beautiful large-flake snowfall. 

The Walk

Bosque Trail Hike.Pat.2019-02-23

This morning was quite cold (below freezing), preserving the snow even against the bright sunshine that usually melts such snow quickly.  Although streets and sidewalks were dry, lawns, rooftops, even branches on trees, anything that was insulated from the ground, still had a layer of snow.

We chose to extend our walk beyond our usual route in the Country Club neighborhood, heading through Tingley Beach and into the Bosque.  Everywhere we looked – areas of grass or fallen leaves, on rooftops, even on handrails and street signs – there was a layer of snow.  And on tree branches and even twigs – 1/2″ of snow.  As we entered the Bosque we found ourselves surrounded by white snow on everything and glistening when looking towards the early morning sun.


It was truly a magical setting.  And even more so realizing that in an hour or so, after the sun had worked its magic warming and melting it all, it would be gone – we would be among a very few people to see this magic.


Total Distance:  3.38 miles
Elevation: start  4,947 ft, maximum  4,962 ft,  minimum  4,947 ft
Gross gain:  15 ft.  Aggregate  ascending  103 ft, descending  104 ft
Maximum slope: 6% ascending, 7% descending, 0.7% average
Duration: 1:27

GPS Track Files for Download
I urge you to explore our hiking tracks with Google Earth. With the virtual 3-dimensional presentation, achieved by panning and tilting the view, you can get a much better idea of the hikes and terrain than you can get from the 2-dimensional screenshot above. For assistance: Using Google Earth Track Files.


City of Albuquerque:
     Paseo del Bosque Trail
     Tingley Beach
     Rio Grande Valley State Park
Hiking Project: Albuquerque Bosque Singletrack – Southeast

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