Los Posos Hike – 11/04/2018

‘Tis winter and time to return to “open spaces” (’tis too hot for hiking in the summer).  So we headed for the Ojito Wilderness and chose a hike around what we’ve called Dinosaur Ridge (because a large dinosaur was found on the northwest point of this mesa; see our other hikes Dinosaur Dig and Los Posos, and article about Alamosaurus found on Dinosaur Ridge).

The Hike

Los Posos Hike.Jay.2018-02-25

As described in the other posts in the Ojito, this is an amazing place to hike – variety of geology, superb views within the Ojito and beyond, to the Nacimiento Mountains to the northeast and even a glimpse of Cabezon to the northwest. There doesn’t seem to be a -trail- so our track followed “reasonable” terrain; only one place did we find it necessary to search for a “safe”, a route not too steep or rocky. 

For an abbreviated narrative for this hike, I’ve added captions to the photos below.  For other narratives, please go to the posts from our other hikes: Dinosaur Dig and Los Posos.


Total Distance:  4.06 miles
Elevation: start  5,881 ft, maximum  5,881 ft,  minimum  5,672 ft
Gross gain:  209 ft.  Aggregate  ascending  497 ft, descending  497 ft
Maximum slope: 21% ascending, 27% descending, 3.8% average

GPS Track Files for Download
I urge you to explore our hiking tracks with Google Earth. With the virtual 3-dimensional presentation, achieved by panning and tilting the view, you can get a much better idea of the hikes and terrain than you can get from the 2-dimensional screenshot above. For assistance: Using Google Earth Track Files.

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