Gran Quivira Expedition – 12/31/2020

Sticking to our plan for a weekly “outing”, and facing uncertain weather, we chose to visit Gran Quivira, one of the Pueblo ruins in the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. We’ve visited the other two, Abó and Quarai (which is quite near our cabin at Manzano), but had not ventured the 27 miles south from Mountainair to visit Gran Quivira.

The Drive In

‘Tis easy to get there: go south on SR 55 (there are a couple of jogs to the east) for 27 miles. Approaching the 4th jog, continue ahead into Gran Quivira.

The “Expedition”

Allow me to begin by recommending that you visit the web site for the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. It is an outstanding site, and provides a superb introduction to the 3 units of the Monument; particularly good is the section on Gran Quivira. (Oh, and I recommend that you visit the Visitor’s Center in Mountainair, when it is again open for visitors.)

‘Tho the Visitor’s Center at Gran Quivira was closed on the day of our visit (Covid-19), the signs throughout the area provide good descriptions of the features, often with historical information (and in English and Spanish). The trails throughout the ruins are very easy to navigate, and provide excellent views of the various features, from ancient kivas to the more recent churches.


References and Resources – there are many .. here are some interesting ones

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