East Fork Jemez River Hike – 09/17/2021

First day on a camping/hiking trip to Jemez Falls Campground. After getting the R-Pod set up, we had time to make a short exploratory hike into the East Fork Jemez River Slot Canyon.

The Drive In

The East Fork Jemez River crosses NM 4 just .4 miles east of the entrance to the Jemez Falls Campground. Parking is along side the road; it seems no one observes the No Parking signs, but beware of cars rounding the curve in the road at the bottom of a hill in each direction.

The Hike

Las Conchas West Hike.Pat.2021-09-17

This hike is just an exploratory hike to determine how far we could go before finding it necessary to “take to the river”.

‘Tis a steep descent from NM 4 into the canyon, but only 10 or 20 yards into a small parking area with picnic facilities. From there it is a pleasant trail along the River for about .45 miles when the Canyon narrows; continuing further would require wading in the River. We were not so prepared, so we turned back, satisfied with our reconnoitering.

Just a note: This point is also the starting point for the El Cajete Canyon Trail Hike – 08/30/2021.


Total Distance:  0.89 miles
Elevation: start  7,944 ft, maximum  7,957 ft,  minimum 7,927 ft
Gross gain: 60 ft.  Aggregate ascending 292 ft, descending 292 ft
Maximum slope: 44% ascending, 36% descending, 9.2% average
Duration: 0:38

GPS Track Files for Download
If you haven’t explored these hiking tracks with Google Earth, I urge you to try it. With the virtual 3-dimensional presentation, achieved by panning and tilting the view, you can get a much better idea of the hikes and terrain than you can get from the screenshot above. For some ideas, check out  Using Google Earth Track Files.

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